"I had a wonderful massage!!  My neck was bothering me,feeling much better after my massage. Can't wait for my next appointment.....Thank you!"


"Amber was awesome!  She knew exactly where my issues were and applied just the right pressure. It was also great to hear the different ideas she had. I absolutely loved it."


"As you know a good nights sleep is important for a healthy body. My neck pain was so bad I couldn't lay flat in bed, I had to sleep in my recliner. After a few visits my pain was almost completely gone. I never believed in massage therapy until it worked for me. I now believe and will be back for more. Thank you for the help you gave me."


"The services from Mrs. Amber Chalmers were amazing. I have been a chronic migraine suffer for 30+ years. After complaining about a particular bad migraine I was recommended to Tranquil Touch Healing. I arrived for my first session with a horrendous headache, barely able to move. I explained the issues I had been having to Amber, and told her I was nervous having never gotten any type of massage therapy before. She was incredible professional and explained what she would be doing to my neck and back to loosen the muscles and relieve the headache pain. After a 45-minute long service the headache pain was drastically reduced and my neck and back felt great! I have since gone back on two other occasions to have other massage therapy done to help lower back pain, and to keep my neck and shoulders loose to prevent migraines."


"This woman is magic!!!"


"Thank you Amber. I can't wait until my next appointment."


"After my massage I am always very relaxed. My neck is always very tight which causes me to have headaches. Amber does a great job of loosening it up. She uses a variety of techniques depending on your needs. I would highly recommend Tranquil Touch Healing."




"Amber was amazing. Very attentive to how you are feeling, where she should focus, and how you feel throughout the entire massage. Very caring and personable. A Great Massage therapist, you feel very comfortable with her from the very start, extremely pleasant, I HIGHLY recommend her for! From being a MT myself it was very comforting knowing how good she was."


"Talented hands. Best massages I have ever gotten. Finds spots that I didnt know were tight. Im going back as much as I can. Thanks for the pain relief."


"Had both my feet massaged as well as parafin hand treatment. Thank you so much for taking the pain out of my right heal. Still need to come again but very pleased with this first visit. Amber knows what she is doing."


"Her massages are amazing!!!"





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